Jewellery Care

We know that your jewellery is precious to you, and to keep it looking nice we offer the following guidelines to help your jewellery maintain its sparkle.


  • The more you wear it, the cleaner it stays! The chemicals in your skin stop the silver tarnishing while worn. You may have discovered this when you’ve come across a forgotten piece of jewellery in a box that has tarnished terribly, but the one you wear every day there’s not a hint of tarnish to be seen.
  • To help keep your regularly worn silver jewellery clean, just a rub with a silver cloth periodically will keep it shining bright.
  • For Silver that has already tarnished, use a silver cleaning solution to bring back to looking like new then wear that piece more often!
  • Anything rhodium plated, be it silver or white gold just needs running through a silver cloth to remove tarnish.


  • Gold can tarnish quite quickly depending on circumstances.
  • For lightly tarnished pieces a silver cloth will help. For anything worse use a gold cleaning solution and follow its instructions.


  • For any transparent gemstone, a soft toothbrush in warm water will make a world of difference. Make sure you have the plug in the sink though!
  • For opaque gemstones like opal and turquoise, only use a silver cloth as they are very porous and can be damaged by liquids.

General Care

  • To help you look after your precious jewellery we offer the following advice to help protect and last longer.
  • Avoid contact with liquids, especially things like bleach as this can damage a lot of jewellery. Do not swim or shower in jewellery.
  • Avoid perfume and hairspray. Apply hairspray before putting your jewellery on and wear perfume on your body away from the jewellery. Both of these can be extremely corrosive and can eat into your jewellery.
  • We recommend to not sleep in your jewellery, this will help increase its life span and reduce the need for repairs by up to a third!
  • If you knock or catch a piece of jewellery and something doesn’t seem right, pop in and let us take a look so we can advise you.

If you would like personalised advice for your item of jewellery, feel free to send a picture of the piece and your concerns to and we will be happy to advise you of your best course of action.